Our Story

The label began in 2014 when Sara Hawken noticed a gap in the fashion world for her individual style, so she decided to try and fill it with designs & ideas of her own. She first had to come up with a name which would define the lifestyle and soul of the brand, so she did what any free spirit would do... she set out on a road trip! Inspired by the wonders of her travels, Sara came up with the name ‘ebonie n ivory’ which reflects the special bond she shares with her sister Penny.

A couple of months later Sara felt something was still missing so she turned to her sister for help to find a creative like-minded spirit who could help her shape her vision, and that’s when Mel Serrano became a part of the ebonie n ivory tribe. Her background in graphic design and her daring artistic flair was just what Sara was after, they bonded effortlessly and became the Yin to each others Yang, the secret ingredient behind the duo’s success to date!

Sara’s passion comes from working within the industry for over 10 years, she has always loved designing clothes that are rare & uniquely specific. She has always loved the freedom that comes with travel & music which both her and Mel share. They each look up to style icons and artists such as Cher, Drew Barrymore, Chloe Sevigny, FKA Twigs and Julia Stiles’ character Katt Stratford from the film ‘10 Things I Hate about You’.

ebonie n ivory is a lifestyle directly emphasized by the girls designs, Sara as the one who loves to add a bit of quirk to her everyday wear & Mel as the one who likes to be extreme & bold with her clothes for festivals and the night life.

Their vision was true, within a year; ebonie n ivory had it’s first collection and was off to New York to take part at AXIS Trade show. The trip was a success, and ebonie n ivory landed their first major international client ASOS! Now ebonie n ivory is available to customers worldwide, which is a dream come true for the girls.

"For those who dance in the moonlight & bask in the sunlight"